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Country: Senegal
City: Dakar
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Heli Skiing

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Tastings: Foods and Juices.

In a day or half day excursion, we will take the opportunity, for a meeting at the Times Cafe or a local tasting.

Coffee culture in Dakar has its quirks.

There is nothing quite like buying a small plastic cup of extra sweet coffee from a street vendor. But as the city has become more and more cosmopolitan and mundane, international influences become more and more a part of life in the Senegalese capital, Western-style coffees have sprung up all over the city. Here are some suggestions for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a hot coffee, quick snack, or creamy dessert.

Don't pass up the opportunity to try Café Touba, a typical coffee drink in which the beans are ground with djar (Cloves), a type of black pepper, served black and with a lot of sugar. It is said to have calming effects on the stomach, as well as medicinal qualities, tasting both sweet and spicy. It can be purchased at stalls throughout the city.

It allows a refreshing respite from the hectic life outside and allows us to recharge our batteries with a hot coffee or with a typical dish.

Dakar is also the city of fast foods, Ceviches, or local dishes, such as Thieboudienne, namely fish with rice and tomato sauce. This can be found everywhere .

Like its people, Senegalese cuisine draws on North African, French and Portuguese influences, all mixed with local ingredients and the gastronomic traditions of the country's various ethnic groups.

Fish is an important part of the food here, as are lamb, peas, peanuts, couscous, and lentils.

We will also make sure to try some of the delicious fresh local juices like Mango, Bissap juice (Hibiscus sabdarifa), Bouye juice (Monkey bread), or Jinger juice.

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