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Bird Watching Tour

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Country: Senegal
City: Saint Louis
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Sightseeing

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The Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary is located in Senegal, on the southeast bank of the Senegal River, in northern Biffeche, northeast of St-Louis.

It has a variety of wetland habitats that are popular with migrating birds, many of which have recently crossed the Sahara. The most visible of the nearly 400 bird species are pelicans and flamingos. Less visible are the aquatic warblers migrating from Europe; for these, the park is the single most important wintering site discovered to date.

The park, which is a World Heritage Site, is also home to a diverse range of wildlife.

This park is a birder's paradise because it is located on a major Palearctic migratory route. There are some of the world's highest concentrations of white pelicans and amigos here, with up to 10,000 species. Take a pirogue ride to see more cormorants, pelicans, ducks, flamingos, songbirds, and other wildlife. Crocodiles, boas, wild boars, and other wildlife may also be seen. Complete your Saint Louis city tour.

The vast majority are marine birds (pelicans, herons, terns, ducks, goose, gulls, darter, egret, cormorant, spoonbill, curlew, ibis, lapwing. So, it is quite impressive.

Boating through the wetlands, one comes upon a colony of pelicans so densely packed on an island, you couldn't see the nesting ground. Pelicans swim in a line and then when catching fish, they all dip their heads in the water at once

There are different kinds of boats to convey tourists through the river to have a magnificent view of the birds. There are other animals to see seen aside from birds, land animals like monkeys, jackals, a large phyton, fishing eagles can be seen.

This tour is usually in combination with other tours like the tours through st Louis.

If you love nature and birds don't miss Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary. A must see!

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