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Country: Senegal
City: Dakar
Duration: 4 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Dancing Class

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Dance Class: The Sabar

The dance lessons that we will offer you are aimed at beginners as well as for initiates.

Around the world and every day more, Africa's cultural influence is spreading everywhere.

Africa through its ethnic, cultural and traditional diversity is becoming a source of inspiration, and also a meeting place for artists from all over the world.

In Senegal "Kaay Fecc" meaning Come Dance, is an international dance festival that will be celebrated in all its forms.

For our course, the first steps would be inspired by dances in West Africa, particularly in Senegal where the Sabar remains an identity and an art well attributed to certain ethnic groups.

The term Sabar designates both dances, during traditional or cultural festivals, but also designates certain pieces among the percussion instruments which accompany them by the rhythm.

On the one hand, a sensual, solo dance form characterized by numerous jumps and footwork and at the same time a musical instrument that sets the tempo.

It is a language in its own right that leaves a lot of room for improvisation and creativity.

Our lessons will be accompanied by the teachers, percussionist musicians of this school, and the lessons begin with a complete body warm-up, then end with muscle stretching.

The highlight of the sessions remains of course, learning the movements of the choreographies taught. With or without music, the first steps end up adapting to the rhythm

This mixture of listening to music and feeling will guide you towards your autonomy in musical understanding and allow you later to experience your own solo dance, most often "in the circle" formed around the drummers.

This dance experience, guided by a generous and experienced teacher, allows, in addition to the physical and bodily maintenance it provides, to soak up the cultural riches it conveys. Dance in Africa is omnipresent in all ceremonies and at all levels of society.

Each people has its own dance, a way of expressing a non-verbal thought, a cultural or even spiritual thought."Kaay Fecc"

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