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Edioungou Potters Tours

Edioungou Potters Tours Packages
Country: Senegal
City: Casamance
Duration: 5 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Cooking Class

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Edioungou pottery

After breakfast, we will leave the hotel for a half-day internship with the potters in the village of Edioungou.

We will make a stop along the way to discover the Djibelor farm. A small plantation of thirty hectares composed of a flora of tropical fruits, namely papayas, pineapples, mangoes…. Meeting with monkeys in the wild, and visit of the crocodile pond

Continuation to Edioungou for pottery, which is the most common activity in this region

In each house in the village, you will find a potter and a small workshop area in the courtyard.

This tradition, which is passed on from mother to daughter, still has a bright future ahead of the success of Edioungou pottery. Local materials, everyday utensils, here everything is done in a traditional way.

The clay used is extracted from the surrounding bolongs, before being desalted and then mixed with shellfish reduced to powder. This mixture will later prevent the pottery from having air bubbles during firing. To give shape to the clay, the potter uses a terracotta dish for the basic modeling, then a board that will give the piece regularity. The strings and pieces of plastic will be used for finishes and designs on the pottery.

The beautiful ocher color is given by a kind of red clay. The juice of a special fruit the nefle tree, will be used for the varnishing.

The last step is that of cooking, which can take between 1 hour for small pieces and three days for larger pieces.

No oven to bake pottery, we use the rudimentary way, on the ground.

Jugs, salt shakers, statuettes, objects that can be used for decoration or in kitchens, and which are a means of survival for these populations who sell them to passing tourists or to inhabitants of neighboring villages.

It's up to you to test your skills and even on your return you will return with your own articles that you have made yourself.

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