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Country: Senegal
City: Dakar
Duration: 4 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Painting

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Introduction to sand painting.

Our meeting this morning will be at the village of the arts for a half-day initiation into the techniques of sand painting.

From the Dakar School of Arts, very creative local artists create impressive works by the emotion they arouse, by the details and precision of the gesture.

Attracting a large number of interested people, tourists and locals alike, the sand painting workshops are increasingly becoming places of convergence in Dakar and in the sub-region.

Sand painting is an extension of the practices of the ancients in their desire to describe their daily life, such as engravings and drawings on caves, on skins, or leaves.

As a glue or fixer, gum arabic or the sap of certain trees such as baobab will be used on a support.

Today, plywood has replaced bark, and skins, so inscriptions and designs have given way to creative freedom and to the imagination of everyone.

Senegalese sand painting is part of the evolution of sand art around the world. Stemming from traditional, religious or mystical contexts, the artistic practices linked to this activity are diversified through individual and contemporary appropriations while keeping a cultural dimension.

You will paint on plywood, following your teacher's explanations. You will be taught to grab a little sand between your fingers and pour it on the stuck part with, for example, baobab sap.

The board is then turned over to remove excess sand.

The color projection will be from darker to clearer, or just at the expense of your inspiration

The painting must dry in the sun between each step, the sand will be perfectly fixed, and it will not crumble.

This same technique is sometimes used on other media: canvas, calabash, photo frame, lamp, etc.

We will use natural sand from different regions of Senegal (Dakar, Pink Lake, Petite Côte, Casamance ...), from neighboring countries, even from more distant areas (Sahel, Mauritania ...)

The white comes from the beach, the yellow from the termite mounds, the red from the laterite roads and the black comes from a volcano (Phares des Mamelles and Monument de la renaissance Africaine).

It also happens to find colored sand while digging in certain places, kept secret!

After being collected, the sand is processed. Depending on its origin and its condition, it is washed, dried, crushed, cleaned ... It is always sieved before being used.

You will return to the hotel with your first self-signed sand painting.

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