Exploring Tourism in Senegal
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Senegal Popular Places to Visit

Markets In Dakar For Shopping

The best shopping to be found in Dakar is at the abundant and colourful markets all around the city. Marche Sandaga Marché Sandaga in the city centre is the largest market in Dakar. Both locals and tourists come here to buy anything they need from clothes and shoes to local products and souvenirs. Soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the market and

Niokolo-koba National Park

Located in a well-watered area along the banks of the Gambia river, the gallery forests and savannahs of Niokolo-Koba National Park have a very rich fauna, among them Derby elands (largest of the antelopes), chimpanzees, lions, leopards and a large population of elephants, as well as many birds, reptiles and amphibians. Established as a reserve in 1925,Niokolo-Koba was declared a Senegalese

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

The Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary lies on the southeast bank of the Senegal River in Senegal, in northern Biffeche, north east of St-Louis. It provides a range of wetland habitats which prove very popular with migrating birds, many of which have just crossed the Sahara.  It provides a range of wetland habitats which prove very popular with migrating birds, many of


This sprawling small town runs north of the main road to the south bank of the Bandiala River. Set among tall mangroves on a thickly wooded stretch of the shore, Toubacouta is easily one of the most beautiful spots of the delta. It is also home to some of the finest hotels in the Siné-Saloum region, notably the excellent Hôtel

Mar Lodj

Across the creek, about 20 minutes from Ndangane by pirogue, Mar Lodj is one of the largest islands in the delta, extending over about 150 sq km (60 sq miles), and it supports a population of 5,000 spread across four villages, of which the largest are Mar Fafako and Mar Lothie. Like much of the delta, Mar Lodj isn’t noted

Fathala Wildlife Reserve

Open to the public since 2003, Fathala is a 20 sq km (8 sq miles) reserve of thick tree savannah. Clearly modelled on the Réserve de Bandia, Fathala has been stocked with indigenous wildlife from both Bandia and Niokolo-Koba parks, including roan antelope, kob, buffalo and Defassa waterbuck, as well as a pair of white rhino and trio of giraffes


Set on a wide bolong with good fishing grounds on both sides, the rapidly expanding village of Ndangane is the main tourist focus on the northern shores of the delta. The village, whose name derives from the Serer word for harbor, consists of two parts, connected by a kilometer-long dirt road along a causeway fringed by salty mudflats that teem

Saloum Delta National Park

Saloum Delta National Park Delta  Gold  National Park Saloum  in Senegal, is a 76,000-hectare (190,000-acre) national park. Established in 1976, it is located in the Saloum Delta at the junction of the Saloum River and the North Atlantic. You can find various species of birds, savanna, and mangrove forests. One of the interesting facts is that this park is listed in

Lake Retba

Lake Retba also commonly known as Pink Lake, is a spectacular lake full of pink-purple color. It is known to possess large amounts of salt and single species of bacteria. Watch this spellbinding lake in the sunlight. Drive to an hour to north from the capital Dakar to watch incredible salt harvesting. Lake Retba is under consideration by UNESCO as


Dakar is the capital of Senegal. You should visit the Dakar IFAN Museum to watch the outstanding collection of West African and Senegalese masks, amazing musical instruments, and remarkable statues. You can find this magnificent museum in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. In Dakar, you can also find some of the worth-visiting markets, such as many markets and Tilene’s Walk.