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Banjul And Surroundings

Banjul, Senegal

After breakfast, we will leave the hotel for a half or a full day trip to Banjul, the capital of The Gambia and its environments.

Let us start from the National Museum, showing the history of The Gambia including the tracing the mix of African Culture and European colonialism.

We then take a short drive through Banjul to "see the sights,"

Our next stop will be at Arch 22, built in 1996, and was erected in honor of the July 22nd Revolution in 1994

With a height of 35 m, it is the tallest structure in the country.

The building stands on eight columns and has three floors. Access to the upper floors can be made through several elevators and spiral cases.

This work is designed by a Senegalese architect Pierre Atepa, who also has designed the Yundum International Airport of Banjul and the African Renaissance monument in Dakar.

The gallery on the second floor provides an impressive panorama of the city, with the view extending down to the sea port of Banjul and the mangrove forest

After visiting the textile exhibition on the top floor, we will drive to the sacred crocodile pool or katchikaly Crocodile pool in Bakau.

Upon arrival, we will have an inside visit of the traditional museum before walking around the pool.

The local guides will give to us a briefed explanation of the existence of the pool and explain how local people benefits from it spiritually

Guests can stroke a crocodile but to be strictly supervised by the guides, Maybe we could even see old “Charlie”, who has been featured in various TV programs.Continue nearby, at Bijilo Forest Park for birds watching.

Bijilo is a small reserve managed right next to hotel complexes near Senegambia. With a varied selection of birds, where we can list about 200 species, kingfishers, eagles, birds of paradise, cormorants, herons ...

On foot inside the mangroves forest, we will discover this winged fauna and also meet some monkey colonies.

Way back to the hotel

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