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Bassarie Country Tour

Kedougou, Senegal

We will need a full day or more to meet the ethnic groups of the South East

The Bedik ethnic group is probably the smallest among many, the Bediks live in the Bandafassi area, and are originally from Mali. Divided into several clans, today they are mostly farmers. While the men still go hunting to meet the needs of their group, the women are specialized in pottery from a red earth found near the altars, on the places of offerings. A stop among the Bassaries, an ethnic group more present in this part of the country, this people is installed on the border between Guinea Conakry and Senegal. Having lived isolated for a long time in troglodyte dwellings, this population is today still structured in age groups where women have a very important place. The Bassaries live by hunting and gathering, but also remain cultivators. These different populations live mainly from picking and also practice a variety of crafts: basketry, weaving, pottery ... their homes built next to a very abundant flora, mainly near rivers. The plains and valleys are covered with herbaceous savannahs and entirely invaded by superb Boumbous plantations. Eastern Senegal offers a magnificent overview of the last ancestral populations of West Africa. Here we go from animal safaris in the footsteps of large African mammals to encounters with native inhabitants, nature hikes to walks in small villages. Extremely isolated due to its geographical location, the Bassari country is still a very visited region. The fact remains that such a trip allows you to open your eyes and understand the harmful effects of globalization on these isolated populations. Formed several centuries ago, they are now in the midst of a phase of transformation towards a modern way of life. We will have the right to small welcome ceremonies to better exchange with these peoples.

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