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Dindefelo Water Falls

Kedougou, Senegal

THE DINDÉFÉLO WATERFALL, Located in the department of Kédougou, Dindéfélo is a natural cove with a breathtaking waterfall. A paradise on earth but it is also a nature reserve that shelters the last population of chimpanzees in Senegal. Leaving the hotel this morning, we will pass by the Peulh village, which gave its name to the waterfall, Dindefelo in Fulani would mean: At the foot of the mountain. On the way to the waterfall, we will first face a steep and narrow track for two kilometers, in the middle of dense vegetation and strewn with boulders which are more and more numerous as we go.

Then, with the altitude and the vegetation which swings you, making it more difficult any progression towards the waterfall, sometimes climb to the left, often to the right, meandering along a thin stream of water flowing in the direction of the waterfall. the village, sometimes bending to be able to pass under the branches of the trees. After several minutes of strenuous walking, we arrive at the Dindéfélo waterfall which snores, rolls, and flows its fresh and limpid water over nature below which it waters all year round.

The spectacle which is offered to the sight is striking. The water descends from the highest part of one of the walls of the waterfall, more than 100 meters away, to flow into the natural cove receptacle of this manna from the sky. With an ideal temperature, the waters of the swimming pool are also suitable for swimming, and once inside, you dive into its gentle freshness.

Dindéfélo with its luxuriant vegetation also shelters the last population of chimpanzees of Senegal. There are about twenty species of chimpanzees in the community nature reserve over an area of ​​13,000 hectares. This group of chimpanzee species is divided into three groups: in Dindéfélo, in Ségou, and the last group in Niandoma. Research institutes are currently carrying out studies on the movement of this population of chimpanzees in their habitat to better understand their habits and their way of life in the middle of this nature dedicated to the happiness of its flora and fauna. Return to the hotel

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