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Fathala Wildlife Reserve

Fathala Seloum, Senegal

Open to the public since 2003, Fathala is a 20 sq km (8 sq miles) reserve of thick tree savannah. Clearly modelled on the Réserve de Bandia, Fathala has been stocked with indigenous wildlife from both Bandia and Niokolo-Koba parks, including roan antelope, kob, buffalo and Defassa waterbuck, as well as a pair of white rhino and trio of giraffes of Southern African stock, and it also hosts good numbers of naturally occurring mammals such as green monkey, patas monkey, Guinea baboon, bushbuck, red-flanked duiker, warthog, forest buffalo and side-striped jackal.

For serious wildlife enthusiasts, the big draw here is a herd of 17 western giant eland, which has been introduced from Niokolo-Koba and might well represent around 10 percent of the wild global population of this endangered subspecies of the world’s largest antelope.

Most of these species are likely to be seen in the course of a two–three hour guided game drive, as is an excellent variety of woodland birds, ranging from the dashing Abyssinian roller to the handsome palmnut vulture.The Forest of Fathala is sadly being threatened by excessive livestock grazing from the surrounding villages, intensive illegal logging, fruit and bark gathering and poaching. Self-drive visitors must have a 4x4 and can arrange guides on the spot, but open-sided safari vehicles with drivers are also on offer to visitors.

Looking ahead to the future, the Fathala Wildlife Reserve has plans to enhance the experience even more for guests by adding a Jacuzzi to each of the rooms and construction of a new day centre is currently underway to really make the most of what experiences can be offered. More importantly, the Western Derby Eland population now sits at approximately 55 animals so the work at Fathala has been instrumental in preventing extinction of this rare species. The reserve now has plans to rehome and conserve several new species of antelope and even look into the possibility of welcoming elephants to Fathala to allow them to thrive in the African wilderness.


The Fathala Wildlife Reserve & Lodge offers you a unique experience in Senegal, staying in an authentic upscale lodge in the heart of a vast natural reserve and living a safari to meet wildlife.

You will be accommodated in one of the 20 tents on stilts with luxurious services. The beautiful common area offers a superb wooden restaurant bar and a beautiful outdoor swimming pool.

Your stay will be an opportunity to go and meet once endemic wild animals (lions, zebras, giraffes, rhinoceros, etc.). Other excursions will allow you to discover Sine-Saloum, its fauna and flora.

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