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Gambian Markets

Banjul, Senegal

This morning let us discover some Gambian highlights as the main markets

The first stop for our visit will be to Albert market, with much hustle and bustle, where anything from live chicken, vegetables to herbs and false hair can be bought.

Royal Albert Market is located in the heart of Banjul, on the avenue de la Liberation

It is the main urban market in the capital, and was named after Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert.

It is a lively and bustling meeting place, with a large selection of vividly designed fabrics, carved wooden masks and packaged fresh produce.

All of this is laid out in a maze of alleys and hundreds of rickety stalls and purpose-built shops.

The market was once called the Colonial Engineer's Yard and is divided into different sectors

The place of whole sellers and retailers, which sells everything the locals, could want from clothes to hardware stores.

Settled closer the terminal of Banjul, this market is also handled by many foreigner traders as Senegalese, Malian, Nigerian, and Lebanese who stay the owners of the biggest stores.

Another side of this market is selling fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and dry goods.

The tourist market and craft has clothes, food and many other African souvenirs that can be bought at very reasonable prices.

The center is called, the place of African heritage for snacks and shopping, before continuing toward Serekunda market

Serekunda town is the largest most densely populated area in the country.

Upon arrival there, we will visit the tie and dye batik factory owned by a Gambian lady called MUSU KEBBA DRAMMEH who has been in this job for over 30 years.

Here we witness a display of the production of the batik.

Let us look around if shopping is needed, where you will be assisted about the negotiations and the Gambian currency.

Route back to the hotel

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