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King Of Oussouye

Casamance, Senegal

Southern Senegal is a symbiosis of peoples and believes, with lands irrigated by endless streams and rivers.

The Casamance region stretches over 20,000 km. It is bounded on the west by the Atlantic Ocean and on the east by the Kuluntu River. Casamance is landlocked between Gambia to the north and Guinea-Bissau to the south. This lush region is a paradise for travelers in search of authenticity, lovers of nature and beautiful beaches, far from the mass arrivals of tourists.

The Casamance region is a landscape of gigantic Kapoks trees, forests and green rice fields. We will live to the rhythms of peaceful villagers.

The visits to lower Casamance will sometimes be on foot or in canoes.

When we are visiting Casamance it is difficult to miss Oussouye.

It is one of the largest towns after Ziguinchor and the gateway to the lower Casamance National Park.

It is also in Oussouye that many traditional celebrations take place.

His majesty Sir Simboulambay Djedhiou, king of the Djola, lives in Oussouye.

Our audience will be hold at the gates of the sacred wood with this authority having under his responsibilities the well being of this Djola ethnic community. We can have the chance to meet him and interact with him and his family or court. He is the conservative figure of the Djola culture and ensures the peace and social cohesion of the people.

Continue just aside to meet the potters

Way to Edioungou to discover the potters held by the ladies.

The clay used is extracted from the surrounding bolongs, before being desalted and then mixed with shellfish reduced to powder. This mixture will later prevent the pottery from having air bubbles during firing. To give shape to the clay, the potter uses a terracotta dish for the basic modeling, then a board that will give the piece regularity. The strings and pieces of plastic will be used for finishes and designs on the pottery.

The beautiful ocher color is given by a kind of red clay. The juice of a special fruit the nefle tree, will be used for the varnishing.

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