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Markets In Dakar For Shopping

Dakar, Senegal

The best shopping to be found in Dakar is at the abundant and colourful markets all around the city.

Marche Sandaga

Marché Sandaga in the city centre is the largest market in Dakar. Both locals and tourists come here to buy anything they need from clothes and shoes to local products and souvenirs. Soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the market and be ready to bargain before you purchase.

Marche HLM

A smaller market geared primarily towards fabric vendors, Marche HLM is slightly less crazy than Sandaga. Hundreds of options for fabric that you can buy and then get tailored into perfectly fitting traditional Senegalese wear (if you will be in Dakar for a while, ask a Senegalese person who his or her tailor is, and go there. A little less convenient for travelers who will only be staying a week). High-quality prints, embroidery, silk, and more are available at very decent prices, along with all kinds of accessories.

Marché Soumbédioune

Marché Soumbédioune is a good spot for souvenir hunting. It is a market in the area of Médina where local artisans and craftsmen sell their creations, for instance, wooden masks, jewelry, clothes, leather goods, pottery, or paintings. Due to its proximity to the sea, you'll see many fishermen selling their catch here (which can be grilled to order on the spot at one of the market's several grilling stations).

Marché Kermel

Marché Kermel is a food and souvenir market housed in a beautiful circular building in downtown Dakar. It showcases Senegal's great wealth of fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats, as well as the day's freshest catches, all available at very affordable prices. Outside the building, you'll find souvenir stalls selling jewelry, masks, sculptures, and more.

Sea Plaza

Sea Plaza is a modern and sleek shopping centre that gathers everything one might expect: an impressive amount of international clothes shops and major brands, restaurants, a supermarket, pharmacies, and a flashy casino.

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