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Museum Of Black Civilizations

Dakar, Senegal

The Museum of Black Civilization is a massive four story complex which fulfilled the dream of Senegal’s first president Leopold Sedar Senghor. Showing the values of the negritude was very important for Senghor. He was sayinf '' The term negritude designates all the characteristics and cultural values ​​of the peoples of the black race, claimed to be their own, as well as their belonging to this race.''

Located in the heart of Dakar, this museum retraces the oldest and first civilization from Africa to the rest of the world. The architect is inspired by the impluvium huts wich can be founded in Mlomp in Casamance region at the Southern of Senegal

Starting from the ground floor to the fourth floor, different concepts and different exhibitions

From the first hominids showing Africa the cradle of humanity of the invention by Africans of metallurgy, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, medicine,...

A Special place is reserved for the Diaspora both women and men.

Inside a collection of different exhibition: African mask, Ceramic, Painting, Statue…

The Museum of Black Civilization, inaugurated in 2019 faces the Grand Théâtre, at the gates of Dakar's administrative and business district.

With a surface area of ​​14,000 m2, it will be able to accommodate 18,000 rooms, ranging from the remains of the first hominids, which appeared in Africa several million years ago, to current artistic creations

This type of project "also empties a number of small debates on Africa of their content", in reference to the doubts expressed by certain experts on the conditions of reception of these works.

"If these goods belong to Africans, what do Westerners care about whether Africa knows how to keep them or not? ", Asked vehemently the rector of the Cheikh-Anta-Diop University of Dakar, named after a Senegalese intellectual, anthropologist and scholar, who helped rehabilitate the contribution of black populations to world culture.

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