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Saloum Delta, Senegal

Set on a wide bolong with good fishing grounds on both sides, the rapidly expanding village of Ndangane is the main tourist focus on the northern shores of the delta. The village, whose name derives from the Serer word for harbor, consists of two parts, connected by a kilometer-long dirt road along a causeway fringed by salty mudflats that teem with wading birds. Most tourists end up at the smaller but more developed sector, which lies at the end of the surfaced road, leading down to a muddy beach packed densely with pirogues offering trips out into the delta.

This part of Ndangane consists of maybe 300 meters/yards of road packed densely on either side with lodges, restaurants, bars, and craft shops, and its incongruity is accentuated by its isolation from Ndangane proper, a fishing village of approximately 1,000 people that is seldom visited by tourists. Having made a short tour of the village and its surroundings, don’t miss out on a boat trip into the delta, following the river southwest along a sandy spit inhabited by large groups of waders and waterfowl.

Why Ndangane And The Saloum Delta Are Perfect For Bird Watching

Of the 650 bird species in Senegal, 200 species can be seen around the Saloum Delta, with 25% of the world’s population of king terns calling the area home.

The waters around Ndangane are a great place to try to spot a goliath heron. Standing between 135 cm to 150 cm (53-59 inches), the goliath heron is the world’s largest heron. Look out for them on your boat trip over to Mar Lodj.

One of the best places to spot land birds in Ndangane is just off the main street. Streets are nameless, so as you’re facing the water, take a left at Le Pelican Du Saloum.

The road leads past a souvenir shop, Hotel Cordon Bleu, and into the village. First thing in the morning, it’s an excellent place for bird lovers.

Whether you’re on the water or land, Ndangane and the surrounding area is teaming with birdlife.

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