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Queen Of Sipo Island

Toubakouta, Senegal

Audience with the Queen of Sipo

Breakfast and route for the South East, a long experience way travelling senegal by its length

From the green spaces of the savannah, to the inaccessible land planted with acacia trees, we will often take breaks to share the conviviality of the villages along the way

Once we arrive at the Sine Saloum area we will start our excursion by boat through the mangroves forest to discover the birds island……...

Nestled next to the continental ridge, this delta is an important reserve of biosphere covering a surface of 2 hundred thousand hectares, made of islets, marshy areas, birds houses, and shell islands.

By boat, we will sail trought the bolong to reach the Island of Sipo, where is living Queen fatou Mané

Sipo island is located in the heart of the saloum river.

It is home to a village with a small Niominka (Sérrere fishermen) community united under the sovereignty of this queen.

The village of Sipo, where are living more than a hundred inhabitants, was created around 1901 by Cheikh Aly Mané, grandfather of Fatou Mané, the current queen.

Fatou Mané, the queen of Sipo, inherited the crown from her father Almamy Mané. Endowed with a great humanism.

The absence of a crown and a court in no way diminishes the respect accorded to him by his "subjects". Aged 95, she is responsible for the places of prayer of the Niominka community and also guardian of the sacred grove.

In Sipo two ethnic groups coexist in a perfect and total symbiosis: The Mandingo who arrived from the Mali Empire in the east and the Serer who came from Gabou in the south to Guinea Bissau.

In these countries respect begins with a hierarchical ideology excluding gender. Age always takes precedence over the person, whether it is a man or a woman.

During our visits, we will share their daily life activities, while discovering their ancestral customs and practices.

We will take our dugout boat and sail back to the hotel.

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