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Sangawatt Eco Museum Tours

Casamance, Senegal

Sangawatt Eco Museum

After breakfast at the hotel, we will leave for half a day to discover the Diola culture in an open-air museum: The Sangawatt Eco museum

We will pass at first through Cabrousse, the birthplace of the heroine queen, Aline Sitoe Diatta, who fiercely opposed the French colonial administrators for the production of peanuts, because in this environment the cultivation of rice was more profitable and more advantageous.

Meeting with some members of her family, and continuation to the sacred wood, where this museum is erected, retracing an idea about the history of life in Djola environment: the majority ethnic group in southern Senegal Visiting this museum is quite a ceremony, a few kilometers from Djembering, another village, living memory of Casamance.

In the company of the curator, we will tour this site, starting first by greeting the elders in front of the fetish hut, and saying prayers if we wish.

We will follow the curator in his songs and incantations along a route carefully planted with medicinal plants. Here we will discover several plants which all have virtues in traditional, mystical or social medicine among the Diola people. Leaves, bark, and roots macerated or decocted in water to resolve ailments and complaints.

Animist belief rhymes with the presence of fetishes and other objects that populations or priestesses use when it is necessary to come into contact with ancestors, and invisible forces.

Here every event is preceded by a ritual

The visit will end with the presentation of everyday objects, such as the nacelles for fishing, baskets for transporting rice, mortar for pounding seeds, ladders, hoes and dabas for working the land etc.

Return to the hotel, with a few stops en route at points of interest.

Once at the hotel, laze around the swimming pool or walk along the beautiful white sand beaches ...

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