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Somone Beach Resort And Joal

Saly, Senegal

Fadiouth Shells Island and Somone delta

This morning, we will leave the hotel, and drive through inlands till Joal; the Southwestern tip.

Joal was a former 16th century Portuguese trading post, and birthplace of the poet President Leopold Senghor, and it marks the access gates to the Saloum Delta,

By a wooden bridge we can access to Fadiouth island, a small village settled on a pile of shells.

The traditional village of Fadiouth is better known as the Shellfish Island, because instead of sand, we will walk on a pile shell.

We will discover this stronghold of total tolerance where all religious and appearances come together: Muslims, Christians, and Animists

By another bridge, we will be at the only mixed cemeteries, a place where all the beliefs are hidden there.

From there we will take a dugout boat to sail toward on the mainland, let us stop in front of the millet granaries on stilts in the heart of the mangrove for our postal card.

On the way back, we will have a break at Fadial village, in front of the largest baobab tree of West Africa. Emblem of Senegal, this thousand-year-old tree remains symbolic because it served as an altar and place of offering for the peoples of the sacred wood

Before arriving at the sea side resort, we can stop to visit a fishing port, and witness the arrival of fishermen, in unforgettable atmospheres, in color and smell.

Tasting of local liquors is also possible, next to the road into a distillery, and then continue to the Somone Delta

The village of Somone is located in the heart of a magnificent delta by the Somone river. This classified site, a nature reserve, is frequented throughout the year by birds (herons, pelicans, flamingos, egrets) which come to nest between mangrove forest and sandbanks. This reserve covers more than 7,000 ha, to be visited by canoe and on foot.

We can also laze between the swimming pool, the Atlantic and the delta.

Some nautical activities will be possible, or grills and snacks before returning to the hotel

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