Exploring Tourism in Senegal
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South Est / Niokolokoba Parc

Tambacounda, Senegal

Check out from the North for the South East, a long experience way travelling through senegal by its width, for this first day

From the green spaces of rice fields to the inacessible wet lands we will often make a pause to share the conviviality of the locals in their families, or in the weekly markets

Lunch on the way and check in Wassadou lodge in the afternoon at the gates of Niokolo Park, there we can enjoy at sunset the wild panoramic life front of the Gambia river

Overnight at Wassadou camp

Today after breakfast, we will drive to acces to Niokolokoba National Park.

This natural oasis of vegetation crossed by Gambia river and classified world heritage patrimony is a vital protection against desertification that is the main problem in this sahelian area.

We will ride around the tiny trails with 4wd vehicules to search african mammals often at the water point as Simenti

Niokolokaba National Park covers a surperficy of 1 million hectare in a naturel frame dotted with giant termites nest, wild animals, crowd of birds ect…

Picnic lunch and back on the main road for Kedougou nestled at the foothill of the Fouta Djalon in Guinea, or back to the North, with overnight in the Delta.

If we stay at the South Est, we will start a new tour in this lost world where peoples are lining far away from our civilization in some awesome countrysides

The Bediks and the Bassaries are living in perched villages on the mountains front of magnificent and endless landscapes

Animist peoples, in this life everything turn around the ritual initiations and traditional ceremonies.

Exiled in those lands far away just to keep their ancestral beliefs and refused to submit to any other foreigner religions.

Attractive villages for intriguing peoples settled aside mountains and hills, here only the tradition is the way of life.

Continue to Dindefelo waterfalls, with its 80 meters high offers a natural swimming pool unique in Senegal. Refreshing shower and meet the locals, why not a picnic in this jungle atmosphere before going back to the hotel

we will overnight in Kedougou and the morning reavelling back for the North.

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