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Sine Saloum, Senegal

This sprawling small town runs north of the main road to the south bank of the Bandiala River. Set among tall mangroves on a thickly wooded stretch of the shore, Toubacouta is easily one of the most beautiful spots of the delta. It is also home to some of the finest hotels in the Siné-Saloum region, notably the excellent Hôtel Keur Saloum and Les Palétuviers.

A legend among the game-fishing community, the Hôtel Keur Saloum has been organizing angling expeditions into the delta and open ocean for decades, but similar excursions can be arranged through several other operators. Toubacouta is also well placed for wildlife enthusiasts, as it offers regular excursions to the Ile des Oiseaux, which is a seasonal home to 40,000 nesting terns, and is better-placed for game drives into the national park and Réserve de Fathala than any other lodge. As the closest access point to the delta from Banjul (Gambia) and the furthest from Dakar, Toubacouta attracts more English- and Dutch-­speaking tourists than most other parts of Senegal.

Tourisit Activities in Toubacouta:

The beautiful environment is available for huge natural aviary where you can see, day and night, the many inhabitants of this pristine ecosystem. Scientists agree on the fact that the number of bird species to be seen in the Saloum Delta is impressive.

Big animals such as giraffes, rhinos, or elephants that are quite common in East Africa can no longer be seen in the wild in Senegal. However, many lands or water mammals are endemic in Senegal such as the Porcupine, the Serval, the Warthog, the Hyena, the Dolphin, or the Manatee.

The Saloum Delta has always been a place favorable to sport fishing, due to the diversity and richness of the biotopes that surround it, namely a dense and rich mangrove of several varieties of mangroves, which serve as an essential breeding ground for the survival of the species on the one hand, and also the presence of seabed presenting numerous more or less deep pits which allow the big fishes to develop there.

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