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Casamance, Senegal

Casamance region

In this morning, from the hotel in Ziguinchor the main city, we can discover the south by boat or by bike.

The magic Casamance, we could say that it is the most beautiful region of West Africa.

Located in the south west of Senegal, it takes its name from the Casamance River which crosses it, and is distinguished by its extremely varied landscapes.

Life takes place in authentic villages between its thick forests, its rice fields, its fertile lands, its numerous rivers and its pretty beaches.

The visit of the villages of Casamance allows a real immersion in the heart of this forgotten region.

Some villages still seem to live as they were decades ago, and stay totally ignorant of modernity and new technologies.

Banco (Mud, terracotta) and straw constructions on the banks of the rivers, large fishing villages located on the edge of one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, bordered on one side by an azure sea and on the other side by rows of mangroves . Some villages can be touristic, but are never crowded and allow a real immersion into the local way of life.

Casamance is probably the greenest region of Senegal, and many hiking possibilities exist to discover its main points of interest.

Like birdhouses for example, and many others, accessible by boat or canoe from the village of Kassel, Elinkine or Bouyouye. In the company of an ornithologist guide, it is possible to observe many rare species such as white pelicans, terns, seagulls, herons and ibis.

Here, nature hikes are not only done on foot, but also by bicycle and kayak. Other activities to do in Casamance and its surroundings on half days are:

Discovery of mangrove forests by kayak, where we have the impression of traveling here in the heart of the Amazon forest, meeting with locals in the islands, or walking in the rice fields

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