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Eastern Senegal Tours

Eastern Senegal Tours Packages
Country: Senegal
City: Saly
Duration: 3 Day(s) - 2 Night(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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Tree days with long distances to cover on a round trip.
We will stop frequently along the way to discover weekly markets and visit typical villages

Our first nigh will be hold in the national Parc of Niokolokoba, if we would like to visite this Pack, or in Tambacounda, the last senegalese region at the eastern closer Mali border.

Located between Guinea and Senegal, the Bassari Country has just joined the UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the Senegalese part of the region, it is almost entirely covered by the Niokolo-Koba National Park. Endowed with a lively local life, a culture as rich as it is ancient and ancestral rites, the Bassari Country is recognized worldwide for its great festivals and its convivial meals.

Overview of the Bassari Country

Located in the south-east of Senegal, not far from the borders with Guinea and Mali, the Bassari country finds its place in a region of hills in the foothills of the Fouta Djalon massif. It can be divided into two distinct geographic regions: the mountains to the south, and the plains to the north. The southern region, in the caves and steep reliefs, has many archaeological remains, testifying to the ancestral occupation of the region. The north is mainly composed of crops, wooded savannas and meadows.

The Bassari country is home to three distinct geocultural regions:

Bandafassi, the Bedik region, Salemata, the Bassari region, and Dindéfélo, the Peul region.

These people with very different characteristics live here in perfect harmony with nature. While in the past, the grouped villages served as a strategy for these populations, today they are scattered and live near the fields. Discovering eastern Senegal and its traditional festivals offers a good overview of the cultural specificities between each people. So we discover their ways of interacting with each other and learn a little more about the spiritual, agro-pastoral and social practices of each.

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