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Megalithic Stone Circles Tours

Megalithic Stone Circles Tours Packages
Country: Senegal
City: Saly
Duration: 2 Day(s) - 1 Night(s)
Tour Category: Half Day Tour

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Touba – Megalithic Stone circles


Departure this morning for the Northern for a spiritual visit tours first stop will be the holy city of Touba, the mainland of a powerful brotherhood born in Senegal called Mouride.

We will visit the largest and most magnificent mosque in Africa

Touba is also compared to the Vatican by its autonomous administration and was founded in 1888 by the veneered holy man.

With its 7 minarets mosque, this city is real pride and the highlight is the “Magal of Touba”, which is the biggest celebration commemorating the departure of the exile of the Cheikh. Throughout the celebration, the holy can receive up to 5 million pilgrims. Visit one of the largest spiritual libraries in Africa, then lunch and continue for the South to Kaolack a crossroad of various civilizations and Senegalese peanuts basin.

Visit its St Maure main open-air market in the afternoon, and overnight in Kaolack


From Kaolack in the morning after breakfast, we’ll drive nearby Gambia Border to the megalithic circles of Sine Ngayene a unesco world heritage site.

Four large groups of megalithic circles constitute an extraordinary concentration - more than 1000 monuments - on a 100 km wide strip which runs 350 km along the Gambia River. Some have been excavated and have revealed archaeological material that can be dated between the 3rd century BC and the 16th century AD.

Carefully cut laterite stone circles, and their associated burial mounds, present a vast sacred landscape that has been built up over more than 1,500 years and reflects a prosperous, enduring and highly organized society

The most remarkable site of the megalithic area is that of Sine Ngayène, which has 52 circles for 1200 megalithic stones and a hundred tumuli (Tumuli are a very ancient funerary practice in Senegal.

Like the Pharaohs , Kings and Chiefs, they were buried surrounded by their possessions, ornaments, or weapons)

The megalithic circles of Senegambia are stone circles of historical age made of volcanic rocks or lateritic concressions fairly easy to work. Some of the earliest civilizations started from this area.

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